„All Natural“ against mold: The Fibrous casing BFU

BFU stands for “biofungistatic”. CaseTech developed a casing which can prevent the growth of mold on the outside of the sausage. This task could be accomplished with ingredients based on natural harmless substances.

The product is currently introduced in the market place and benefits the butcher trade most, but can also be of significant impact in mass production where applicable.

Based on all natural ingredients CaseTech developed an innovative, simple and effective method for manufacturers and end users in regards to product safety and food hygiene.

Especially today with a public eye on it, there is a high demand of prevention of unwanted microorganisms. Food safety is a key demand in production, storage, at the shelf in the grocery store and of course during the consumption of sausage products by the end user.

Especially the butcher trade is manufacturing air-and mold cured sausages. They want to reduce or prevent the use of artificial ingredients, extended smoke cycles or washing the products with water, to get rid of the unwanted mold and other microorganisms.

It is difficult for the butcher trade if there are only smaller production facilities available to separate mold cured and sausages without mold in the same area. To prevent mold under those circumstances is very difficult and can only to be realized with an additional amount of labor or chemical substances. Those substances have most likely to be declared. 

This task was the reason to develop an innovative and harmless solution to prevent the growth of mold on Sausages manufactured in artificial casings.

The solution at the outside

We apply the naturally based ingredients at the outside of the casing (no contact to the meat) during the manufacturing process of the Walsroder (Cellulose-) Fibrous BFU.  With an innovative process a minimal amount of the ingredient is effective to maintain the surface non oily. The active ingredient is linked to the surface structure of the casing; normal soaking doesn’t wash the ingredient out. Another positive effect is the extended shelf life of stored casings.

The typical application for this product is dried sausages like Salami’s and Pepperoni’s. Under practical environment the product reduces unwanted mold growth efficiently during processing and storage.

The product shows its effect against a range of molds present in the sausage manufacturing, e.g. Penicillium Nalgovience. In addition it has a preventative effect against yeast e.g. Debaryomyces hansenii.

Additionally there are first positive effects evaluating shelf stable products like semi dry sausages.

The mold growth could get repressed, but not completely eliminated. Base hygienic is still the main factor for product stability.

The usage of the casing is the same like common fibrous casings. Soaking and a tight stuffing as well as closing are identical to the conventional dried sausage manufacturing. The adhesion of the casing to the meat doesn’t get impacted in any way.


Presentation of the efficiency for Cal. 60mm; left: standard Fibrous casing / right: Walsroder Fibrous BFU;
Time line after contamination with mold/yeast.